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It was my love and quest for Natural Products that led me to this beautiful  journey. Now I am glad and proud to present the culmination of my desire, endeavors and efforts: THE AU NATUREL  AYURVEDA Collection.
I wanted to create a legacy of beauty from our heritage that is Ayurveda. I have taken beauty back to basics and nature.Have revived recipes, traditional ingredients, methods and rituals which had been used in Ayurveda . And with the help of Vaidyas  and Biochemists , we have created these Luxurious Ranges & Products . We have tried to  create and develop amazing products that are safe for us as well as our  environment. Our products are  a fusion of Science & Ayurveda .

Au Naturel  Ayurveda Products are amazing with immense beneficial qualities and properties . Aim not only at achieving the outer beauty but internal as well from within with the power of  Ayurveda. Our  product are both enjoyable and effective.  We are committed and  devoted to spreading the miracle and benefits of Ayurvedic Skincare & Haircare.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.
This became my divine enlightenment. And, Au Naturel Ayurveda was born.


Au Naturel  Ayurveda: Beauty Products With A Natural Heritage

Au Naturel Ayurveda aims at Creating And Producing Natural Products.
We have explored the planet's extraordinary natural wealth and hence are formulating up-market natural products for the Beauty and Skincare industry.
A company with a novel perspective on natural haircare, skincare and bodycare products like no other.
Au  Naturel   Ayurveda stands to define nature like no other.

Simply Natural : Mother nature is defined through Au Naturel Ayurveda.

Our products reflect our commitment to the environment !

We commit using gentle & natural origin raw material considered efficient and safe to the environment.

Re-defining the future of the skincare , haircare and beauty industry, Au Naturel Ayurveda has taken an unprecedented approach to natural products Many immense benefits come and are observed with the  use of our amazing products . Au Naturel Ayurveda combines Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Wisdom and Ayurvedic Principles , based on an ancient eastern philosophy with the best, finest, premium and  superior quality ingredients from nature , delivering a holistic approach to wellness. Our products are highly beneficial and not only enhance your beauty but also provide benefits like relaxation and calmness. They have got revitalizing and rejuvenating properties.

This results in outer radiance and inner serenity.

To stand up to our commitment, we all at Au Naturel  Ayurveda have defined an entirely unique global approach by choosing to take great care of each and every step of the creation of a natural product and to be an actor during each stage of the chain , from the raw material to the ready-to-use beauty , cosmetic and skincare products. All the processes used are strictly monitored . We believe that careful planning carried out beforehand guarantees an efficient aftermath.

Founded in the spring of 2008 after many years of extensive research. Au Naturel Ayurveda has proven itself to be very successful. With many clients nation-wide, our company stands proudly beside our products.

 Our Products Are A Fusion Of Science & Ayurveda
Au Naturel  Ayurveda Luxury Collection
Inspired By Ayurveda
Enhanced By Aromatherapy
Created By Dedication
Accompanied By Care & Love